DES – Digital Enterprise Show is the leading event in Digital Transformation that offers CEOs, CIOs, CDOs, CMOs, political leaders and HR departments, together with cutting-edge technology companies, the most innovative products and solutions as well as the skills required to help European SMEs and large corporations join the digital transformation. This includes technological solutions to improve the customer experience, operational processes and business models of all industries.

Digital Enterprise Show is the place where the synergy between knowledge and experience is achieved, where new ways of making business, of implementing new solutions and ideas arise. You are in the midst of an expo with over 300 world’s top tech companies, a congress with the 450 world’s best digital experts, and more than 23,000 visitors, who are discussing how Digital changes the business, and how to acquire the crucial knowledge, skills and solutions to shape their industries’ future.

Making digital part of your DNA

For the sake of your organization, it’s time to assume that digital transformation is bridging the gap between business and technology. A sense of urgency must help us to understand that if your organization wants to stand apart it is mandatory to make Digital part of your DNA.

The potential for digital platforms to underpin and grow your business is unbounded. No more excuses, it doesn’t matter if you were born or re-born digital, your new mandate is to be the engine of growth. Consumers are taking the center stage and this generates an amazing opportunity for businesses, but also paramount challenges. We are going to have to change our priorities to satisfy customers demands, to forge a new path to win by generating transient competitive advantages in front of your traditional competitors and new entrants challenging your industry.

Digital transformation is driven by a set of principles and frameworks enabled by technology and connectivity. Once these principles and frameworks are understood, they can be applied to any Business. Digital transformation is a continuum and there are 5 key elements  to this endless journey that will help all kinds of organizations to capture opportunities faster before the competitors catch up and let them go before they are exhausted, so to not waste company resources.

Transformation is up and running. Most organizations manage it haphazardly — when it should be a deliberate and disciplined endeavour. Organization capabilities developed during the strategy definition process now need to be coordinated together so enterprises can take advantage of the augmented organization, where technology and capabilities are orchestrated in the most empowering way.


Last year, DES had 20,974 attendees from 51 countries, consolidating this event as one of the most important ones for Digital Economy. 68% of the attendees were C-Level senior executives and members of boards of directors. Over 300 exhibiting companies, including Accenture, Deloitte Digital, IBM, KPMG, Everis, UST-Global, Indra, SAP, Capgemini, Santander, Altran, Ferrovial, Seidor or T-Systems, showed their latest technological solutions over the three days the event lasted. The main topics of last year’s DES were Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, the new GDPR and the debate of the Digital Agenda by the political groups.

Cities & Public Sector Forum

The first important forum at DES2019 is on May 21st, dedicated to the Public Sector, where Cristian Citu, expert of the World Economic Forum, analyzes public/private collaboration. Other experts and leaders from the public and private sector will address the main challenges of cities 4.0, where regulatory changes and technologies are evolving the configuration of urban environments.

The acceleration in the urban and demographic development that the urban centers are experiencing, together with the growing concern to achieve a sustainable management of the available resources, are placing technology as a lever of change in the configuration of the cities to respond to these social needs. Therefore, Smart Cities are gaining ever more relevance in this paradigm. The difficulty resides in establishing city models that are able to be developed and everybody (public sector and citizens) is happy with. That is why the role of the citizen is gaining special relevance in this fourth edition of DES.

Leading companies will address how AI has helped to optimize the experience of the digital patient

Digital Health Forum

Personalization, control, and safety are the main demands of patients in the health sector, according to IDC’s predictions. Health care, the doctor-patient relationship, and diagnostic procedures and treatments are experiencing a revolution because of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Big Data.

This is why during May 22nd DES2019 has organized the Digital HealthForum, where these new drivers are being analyzed, as well as how technologies are transforming the doctor-patient relationship and driving new health care models in which data management is the protagonist. Leading companies in the sector such as Philips Health or Sanitas will address how artificial intelligence has helped to optimize the experience of the digital patient.

There is no doubt that the health sector needs to accelerate its digital transformation to take advantage of technology and develop efficient and profitable models. According to the latest data from IDC, the adoption of Artificial Intelligence in the sector will have a direct impact on 25% of businesses related to the health sector in 2020; and it is expected that by 2022, 50% of the clinical applications will include interfaces, based on voice recognition and sensor implantation, for the treatment and collection of data.

Figure 1. DES2019 in numbers.
Figure 1. DES2019 in numbers.

Innovation Hub Forum

Also on May 22nd, the fourth Innovation Hub is taking place at DES2019, where ideas and transforming projects from multiple verticals are shared through technology. The objective of this forum is to connect entrepreneurs with potential investors, accelerators and large companies to establish business relationships for the future. For their part, large corporations find in Innovation Hub a space in which to access innovative and disruptive models and highly talented professionals who can help them in their digitization strategy. Approximately 30 participating startups from various sectors such as Industry 4.0, Urban Mobility, Energy Services, Cities and Public Sector, Banking and Insurance, Digital Health, TELCO, Media and Entertainment, Tourism and Retail, Electronic Commerce and Logistics are presenting their business proposals to investors, large companies, accelerators and scale-ups.

Innovation and how it is conceived within the corporation, is a fundamental ingredient to have in order to be in the group of leading companies. The Innovation Hub brings together all the benchmarks of the innovative ecosystem and forms a large space to share and discover new business models, new digital value chains and new digital economies.

The financial & insurance sector is being transformed by leaps and bounds due to the impact of technology

Banking and Insurance Forum

Santander, Telefónica, Deutsche Bank, Caixabank, MasterCard, Evo Bank, AndBank, UiPath, Ovamba Solutions and IDC experts are analyzing the challenges of the financial sector at DES2019 on May 23rd. The new players, such as GAFA, and changes in regulation with the entry into force of the PSD2 directive and the launch of the Spanish Sandbox for FinTech, will be discussed as well. This new European Directive will have a huge impact throughout the EU. With this new regulation, open banking will be promoted, a new paradigm that can be an opportunity for traditional entities, which will be able to provide financial services by developing Marketplace-type platforms where they can integrate the FinTech solutions.

So the financial and insurance sector is seeing how the business is transformed by leaps and bounds due to the impact of technology. That’s why DES provides this forum, that will provide the keys to face the arrival of new competitors in the sector and that will analyze the impact of the enforcement of the European Directive PSD2, as well as the current trends on how the blockchain is being used.


DES is connecting the most innovating companies, providers of tech solutions based in AI, IoT, Blockchain, Cloud, Cybersecurity, AR/VR, Big Data, Marketing Automation, and products dedicated especially for Digital Marketing and Industry 4.0, with C-Level Executives and purchase decision makers, who are attending DES aiming to find the best solutions from key industries.