Since yesterday, the DES2019 (Digital Enterprise Show) is being held at Ifema, an international event on digital transformation, in which Telefónica Empresas participates as a global sponsor. DES2019 aims to respond to the needs of companies of different sizes and sectors, as well as public administrations and shows how open innovation with startups can lighten the current obligatory journey that is the digital transformation.

And this digital transformation affects companies of all sizes and sectors, which perceive that they have to adapt their processes to the new paradigm. The key is customer experience, together with the agility to be able to respond to market changes. And although the role of technology is critical, the change management process is the true driver of digital transformation.

Telefónica Empresas is at DES2019 and presents itself as an integral partner to help organizations in this journey, with many unknowns, which will allow them to gain relevance, efficiency, flexibility and availability. To do this, the company does almost twenty presentations by its most senior experts (twelve of them focused on the digital transformation of large organizations) and offers a booth in which they show the solutions with which they help their clients to accomplish the digitization of their businesses.

Solutions to experience

At the demonstration space at Telefónica Empresas’ booth you can see solutions that allow companies to differentiate themselves from the competition – a key element in an increasingly competitive market – and improve the relationship with their customers, such as their store proposal for the future. Other solutions allow a greater efficiency through the best possible decision making with the help of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, for example. There is also a Digital Workplace that helps to be more flexible using a different way of working, so to be work more agile and efficient for companies and more satisfactory for the employees.