Digital Marketing Planet celebrates an edition with more than 40 international experts. Since its creation, the event has been consolidated as a great meeting point for high-level customer experience and knowledge of the digital marketing sector for all marketing professionals and CMOs from companies all over the world. In total, more than 500 speakers have held conferences, including Rahaf Harfoush, Tom Goodwin, EVP Head of Innovation at Zenith Media who explored the impact of RV and RA technologies or predictive computing, Thomas Husson Vice President of Forrester and main analyst of marketing B2C or Brian Solis, digital analyst and anthropologist and expert in digital transformation, culture 2.0 and strategic innovation for the adaptation of all types of companies to the new connected markets.

This year, Holly Chen, Digital Marketing Manager at Slack, Eli Schwartz, Head of Global SEO Strategy at SurveyMonkey, Sergio López, Head of Global Production at McCann Worldgroup, or Nancy Harhut, the behavioral marketing expert will meet on the same stage, among many others.

As something new this year, the marketing content is extended to the Spanish SME Digital forum, with specific sessions in Spanish, which aim to bring Spanish SMEs the necessary marketing knowledge to help them integrate technologies into their relationship with their customers in an effective and efficient way.

Digital Marketing Planet highlights the new ways marketing is taking, brought by technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented, Virtual o Mixed Reality. And the Digital Marketing Planet conference panel also analyzes the arrival of voice command technologies as a sales channel, as well as the impact of Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies, that have a great potential to offer an innovative and customer-engaging experience. And then there are the mobile and social networks as established channels where to look for new strategies to stand out in the face of increasing competition.